"I KNOW WHO I AM" by SINACH (Song and Lyrics)


It’s a Brand New Song from Sinach and she calls this one “I Know Who I Am “. You definetly going to love this song…. All I can say right now is Download , Listen, Enjoy and Share…

News :: ‘I Know Who I Am’  Official Video By Sinach Out! – See + Download Here!

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 Verse 1:

We are a chosen generation

Called forth to show His excellence

All I require for life; God has given me

And I know who I am


I know who God says I am;

What He says I am

Where He says am at;

I know who I am


I’m working in power,

I’m working miracles

I live a life of favor,

Cause I know who I am


(Repeat from Top)

Ohh oh oh, oh oh oh I know who I am (Repeat)

I am holy, I am righteous oh…

I am so rich, I am beautiful

I’m working in power,

I’m working miracles

I live a life of favor,

Cause I know who I am


Take a look at me, I’m a wonder

It doesn’t matter what you see now

Can you see His glory,

‘Cause I know who I am

Ohh oh oh, oh oh oh

I know who I am (Repeat

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  1. this song touches me so much and icant stop listening to it.it blesses me a lot.glory be to God.

  2. i love it.this song touches my soul, god bless sinach .thanks

  3. Wow what a wonderful song,I can’t stop singing this powerful song by Sinach….God richly bless you

  4. This is an amazing song which defines who we are in Jesus Christ, it comes with power, love, peace and joy.
    Well done Sinach, keep it flowing………..

  5. sinach!!! if only u can be firm and strong in the lord, the sky is never ur limit. GOD BLESS U!

  6. Its a song of Hope and comfort to the broken hearted it is a life transforming song keep on the good work sister. My God bless you richly in Jesus name Amen.

  7. inioluwa(truly&proudly choosen)

    as 4 me nobody can jst figure it out exactly wat happened d 1st tym i heard this superb melodous iife vitality-given song,it came 2 my hearing accidentally,jst when a hard-to-believe event surfaced abruptly,which made pple to stare @ me like a wonder

  8. Am realy in love with this song,the wordings are realy tremendous

  9. if there is any word or phrase to qualify something that is more than love,i would have used it to address my feelings for this song…BEST…Thanks be to God

  10. all I can say is ‘Beautiful and glory be to God’.

  11. I lik dis song so much buh I don’t knw ow 2 download it wit dis link.

  12. I was so surprised when i saw taut singing ur song on the street ”I Know Who I Am”. I was highly moved in spirit, it melted my heart that i feel like giving my life to christ. Thank God for that song.

  13. Glory be to God..thanks sister Sinach.

  14. Wonderful,ilove this song,it picks me up and makes me understand the reason,purpose of my life cause iknow who i am..

  15. Promise patience

    Wao u are realy a role model, ur songs has changed many lives including mine. carry on the good work of God i realy long to see that day when i will sing with you.

  16. glory to Jesus

  17. I love the song too bt hv trouble downloading it

  18. Tamia A. Harris

    This song is indeed a blessing. I Know Who I am… Is a master piece.. Thanks Sinach cause you have a God gifted talent.

  19. this song was definitely design for me i love it so much. Pls SINACH could you compose another on how GOD loves us.


  21. Emmanuel qweku kissi

    Oooo wow what i know who i am oh yes i have to know who i am.thank u sinach for this song my A1

  22. This song is one in a Million
    u get such products wen u surrender ua All To CHRIST
    Sinach u r not Talented, u make mi c u as the Talent itself, May heavens always open fr u, n God reveal as muchedt possible such Hillarious n World record breaking Hits,

  23. Hellow!!! Ur song i know who I am is very very nice madam….may God bless u much..
    How can i get ur video cd in Tanzania???..
    My email: frankmoll61@gmail.com..
    Phone: +255786237866

  24. This song is SUPERB. The lyrics is highly inspirational and life touching.

    Thank God for having you SINACH. You are indeed a blessing to this generation.

  25. Chukwuka Stanley

    Wow,This is awesome,simply the best gospel song ever done in my country

  26. Kolade Daniel Ayobam

    Am waken with my Talent. I know who i am.

  27. waooo! This is great ma, we love u ma may almight God strength u the more ad more grease to ur elbow

  28. I had it on sunday in my new church and i fall in love with it.. Am loving it OMG

  29. Your songs are simple, easy to learn and sing along, very beautiful, powerful and anointed! May God build you to completion, perfect and entire with nothing lacking! Glory to God forevermore

  30. more anointing of God on your life and ministry

  31. Wat a wonderful and powerful song that blesses ma soul in an amazing wai

  32. I Love u and ur Music Sinach

  33. Great work,more of it!

  34. Ur Too much…. God Wil Continue To Inspire U With Wonderful Songs

  35. Wow!!!am speachless.that is great talent.and i believe a great way you have been in good relationship with the holy spirit to produce such great and powerful songs.big up!!!!!

  36. Your songs bless my heart and revive me especially I KNOW WHO I AM. may GOD continue inspiring and raising u in this generation from glory to glory.

  37. This song ‘I know who I’m’ is a sugar in my tea God bless you and more anointing

  38. i love this song 'I know who I’m'. Thank you Sister Sinach for being a blessing to our generation.

  39. You are a blessing to the generation and your song is an inspiration to life. More blessing.

  40. oghotoumah emmanuel

    with a greatful hrt i say u too much n thank God for using u to change d praise n worship style n low minded gospel lyrics of d world.let d fire keep burning in u i love u

  41. i really love dis song bcos it rember me of wu am i

  42. Whoa, you are a blessing, inspiring, and you are going places, God bless you.

  43. Meeeeen, I love this song. Awesome in Thy sight. May God give you more songs in Jesus Name, amen.

  44. you are blessed indeed. More of your songs. Number 1 in the world. I worship God with your songs everyday.

  45. Your songs are powerful, fully inspiring. What a wonderful talent you have. Full of holy spirit, full of wisdom and knowledge. What is lyrics of today,s 31st night 2013 song. I cant wait to hear it. Remain blessed in the lord.

  46. U ar a contact of inspiration nd blessing as i am, u ar blessed in jesus name AMEN . . . .thanks

  47. U ar a contact of inspiration nd blessing as i am, u ar blessed

  48. sinach u r $o bles wit song i love ur $ongs especialy "i know who i am"god bles ur mininstry


  50. Thank God for giving us talented ones like sinach,frank edwards,don moen e.t.c in gospel music world, it shows there' re no lyrics 4rm the chrisbrown,jay z,kanye west,e.t.c of this world.

  51. Infact to be honest u are the best, I can't even listen to any music exept your own, u are really tallented keep it up love uuuuuuu

  52. wow! this song is really inspiring the hopeless especially me. I have been inspired, now I know all God has said about me will come to pass in Jesus name…amen. mama, you gonna go higher and higher and higher. God bless you

  53. Saviour Tsikplornu

    what a powerful and wonderful song, wow am so so bless with this song it gives one the confidence to proclaim who he or she is.i know who i am cause we are the chosen generation of God call by faith to show his excellence

  54. This song is…. I don't even know what to say, but this song has taught me a lot.I know who I am.

  55. Just wanna thank you for saying yes to Gods calling upon your life.well done!

  56. I love d song Becos it touches d life of many

  57. This song is just like a bomb. You can imagine how i jumped up from my weak body in dancing to the inspiring song # i know who i am.

  58. GOd bless u so 1dafully well, u're really a blessn 2 dis generation, KEEp iT up

  59. Mary precious brown

    Sinach ur blessed my soul

  60. I love ur songs sinach

  61. I love ur songs sinach, I love ‎you too. May GOD richly bless Ɣou.

  62. Sinach to me remain the best female artiste from the continent of Africa.

  63. Oh my Sinach! I love u n I love ur songs. Thrs is no single best of ur music bcos they r all rated d best. "I knw who I am" is loved by majority. Infact its now my church latest best offering song. It was sang by my church choir last wed n my pastor Dele Bamgboye of Living Faith Church, Durumi-Abuja asked d d same song shld b repeated last sunday service in both our 1st n 2nd service. Ur song was a hit in my church yday. I bleSs God 4d inspiration dt flows wit ur songs. Infact, my broda a new gospel artist based in Holland wld wld alwyz mention ur name as his 1st list artist he wld love 2sing wit n dt inspires him. His name is Joela n his songs can also b found on youtube. Tnx 4being u. Love u Sinach!

  64. this is exactly what I needed to hear, can seem to put my earphones down. May God bless you

  65. Every song she releases has always been a hit in town nd has also been lifting peoples soul. Am a witnes nd testimony to dis. More grace to u. U wil neva run dry.

  66. I love you Sinach may God continue to bless you!

  67. I'm a blessing cos I know who I'm. Thank you Sister Sinach for being a blessing to our generation.

  68. This is glorious, i tap from your anointing Mama

  69. am in luv with th song…am feelng t lyk vry much.God richly bless u sis

  70. am in luv with th song…am feelng t lyk vry much

  71. I am blessed by your Music Sis Sinach.

    God bless you real good

  72. tnks sinach u make me feel proud worshiping wit d belivers love world.keep up d goodwork.

  73. I can't stop singing this song…. I really love it, more grace to u dear.

  74. Sinach,you're powerful.Maintain the anointing on your life to the glory of God and He will take you to the place that is higher than the natural.God bless you.

  75. Am an abuja based gospel artist…shoutout to ricboy and Eben ..love you guys so much you cn follow me on twitter@EmmyGospel

  76. I love you guys


  78. Thank you for the song. It is extra ordinary and life changing. God bless you Mama and papa.

  79. Thank for song. It's extra ordinary and life changing, God bless You papa and mama

  80. "You too much ooooo," you're really gifted.

  81. You too much ooooo!
    I can't stop singing I know who I am, daily.
    Nawa o
    God Bless You richly.

  82. Unless you know who you are,
    you can’t forge ahead but
    when you do it becomes easy
    to forge ahead. Thanks sinach
    you re a blessing to this

  83. am always inspired by song from the spirit.keep the fire burning cos you are making a difference Gosple music

  84. Sinach, you songs inspire me to work harder in my music career. God bless you as I look forward to perform with you on stage in near future. Thank you, Dalụ, merci. nagode, ose,

  85. I love this song. We need such songs in the present and future generation, keep it up.

  86. Mohamed Bobson Bangu

    I love your track so much. It motivate my will and strengthen my faith. Allah will surely bless you. Indeed, we are the chosen generation because I know who Allah says I am.

    My regards

    Mohamed Bobson Bangura

  87. Mohamed Bobson Bangu

    I love your track so much. It motivate my will and strengthen my faith. Allah will surely bless you.
    Indeed, we are the chosen generation because I know Allah says I am.

    My regards

  88. I alway move by spirit wen i listen 2 ur music

  89. I love sinach and I love the song.God bless her.

  90. This is a nice piece uve given to ur generation. May God bless you real good Sinach. We are waiting to hear more from the abundance He is giving u.

  91. Unless you know who you are, you can’t forge ahead but when you do it becomes easy to forge ahead. Thanks sinach you re a blessing to this generation.

  92. My model, you are a blessing, to many lifes .i love you and God love you more.remain bless

  93. I know it that you are beautifully constructed and contain grace given words to despence the glory of God through songs, i rejoice with you sinach.

  94. Hmmmm what more can ℓ̊ §ǎ̜̣̍Ɣ dan 2 §ǎ̜̣̍Ɣ sinach is infact †ђз best out of africa 2 †ђз world. Her songs cant be compared. She is on her own †ђз best

  95. peniellie delores da


  96. sinach your songs are awesome,but this one is earth moving thanks.



  98. Thanks for sharing this music. I have been looking for it.

    Am not a fan of gospel music, but this one truly torched me.

    Thanks sinach, thanks the owner of this blog.

    God Bless You All.

  99. I know who I am is now topping my most favourites of gospel songs../Wow…I thank GOD fof HIS grace and giftings in your life and may your labour in the LORD not be in vain in JESUS' name… Be blessed!!!!!!!

  100. i love u ma with everything in me ma hoping to see u one day.u are the only sister i have in this world we are now

  101. I love this song, God bless you richly for blessing for our lives with your talents.

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    I personally wish to save this particular article, “"I KNOW WHO I AM" by

    SINACH (Download Song and Lyrics) | Gmusicplus”

    on my very own internet site. Do you really mind in the event I personallydo it?

    Thanks a lot -Homer

  103. I love ur songs sinach, I love ‎you too. May GOD richly bless Ɣou..

  104. This song is one of the best song i have ever heard in my live

  105. You are blessed mama,you are a true worshiper, the Lord will strengthen your ministry


  107. sinach u a blessing to uor ministry…luv u

  108. i love ur songs

  109. I love Sinach , and this song is definetly one of the best song I have heard from her… thank u sinach …..

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