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[Free Download] Prospa Ochimana – Ekwueme ft. Mrs Nwachukwu

Prospa Ochimana - Ekwueme ( + Lyrics)

Here comes a new sound from Prospa Ochimana titled “Ekwueme” – featuring a worshiper of great depth and impact “Mrs Nwachukwu’.

EKWUEME” (meaning the God who says it and does it) delivered in English and Igbo (Eastern Nigerian language) is a pure slow-tempo and power-packed worship piece.

Get ready to launch into the deep, for an encounter, to experience the marvelous works of the ONE who says it and does it. Turn on the volume and turn down worldly pressure through this song. We can’t wait to hear you share your testimonies like others around the world. Be blessed! ~ Prospa

Listen & Download Below;


Ekwueme Lyrics

Onye Nwe anyi Ezitewo
(our God that sent)

Ndi Mmoziya ka ha nonyere anyi
(His angels to come be with us)

You are The Living God O!
Eze, No one like YOU

Ekwueme ! Ekwueme !! ( The ONE who says and does it)
Ekwueme ! Ekwueme !!
You are the living God o!
Eze (King), no one like You.

See Full Lyrics HERE

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  1. thank Jehovah. this is a true worship.

  2. I love this song because wherever am playing it , am enter spirit

  3. This song is unique from all other songs.

  4. From the first time I heard the song,,,, I felt it. God bless these singers. They do real worship and not acting….

  5. Seriously This song always inspires and makes you spirit filled at ones……This Song is really From Our Almighty Father……Thank God we have You ‘Prospa’ …..Hope you bring another powerful music out by the end of the year. 2018!Work Hard For the Lord God Is With you!

  6. This song will lives forever!

  7. 44 Bokoli

  8. This how you know spiritual songs, this how you know Holy Spirit inspired song, you can’t listen and never go down to your knees worshipping the living God. A clear indication the voices behind the sing are not canal but total spirit filled. It tears n shiver from the beginning to the end.

  9. I really love this song. May the almighty God bless you for this song

  10. Really this song is so great. may God give him more grace

  11. Amen, t this song is very powerful and inspirational. The song can move mountains. God bless you Prospa!

  12. The song moves me when ever i hear it… It gives me joy whenever I listen to the song

  13. so touching. I like this song

  14. Indeed no one like our God. Very inspirational song.
    Thanks for sharing.

  15. Evangelist Joseph Kirsty Banda

    Ekweume is a spirit filled song which gives the best discription of Our Most High.Amen

  16. this song make me feel bless anytime i listen

  17. You are a Living God! Eze no one like you. Look how you have me feel, see what you have done for me

  18. Prince Afolayan Jide

    More anointing sir may your ministry continue to grow from grass to grace in Jesus name

  19. Rigwell Travis Macbenyi

    God may your abundance grace continue to bring out spiritual and inspirational songs from your people just to show the world the mighty God we serve.

  20. I love this song so much that, anytime I hears it my spirit jumps in me and the spirit of God begins to take over my flesh. This song is sooo touching. I pray for more inspiration in the word of God and more wisdom to the both ministers. God bless you all.

  21. God I love this song, please bless these artists with your spiritual gifts to do more

  22. obi joseph ekwo

    I used to shear tiers when ever I listen to dis song

  23. This song keeps me thinking what is life without God..

    Am highly blessed

  24. Truly a powerful song…….singing this song takes me to a deeper realm

  25. Titilayo Ericson

    The first day my kids and i listened and watched this song, my boy of 7years burst into tears. He said ” mum, God is indeed Ekueme”. I felt something in me as much as my kids. We listened to it almost everyday and God keeps doing what He has said He will do. Thank u Prospa and Nwachukwu for this spirit lifting song. More Inspiration!

  26. I love this music like no man’s business more grace bro and please do sing more like this

  27. Ude Peter Kenechukwu

    What a spiritual song, Lord I thank you for the life of these two artists. U are using them greatly. Thank you Lord.

  28. this song is soul captivating.
    Its Revive the spirit
    It give joy and it also heal a wounded spirit.

    God bless you
    Mr Prospa

  29. This is really a spiritual song, I don’t understand igbo but I read the translation and listening to the rymh.
    Ekwueme, you are the living God , eze no one like you.

  30. At first I was even using it to joke because I don’t understand Igbo.. But one day I listened in another dimension and I was almost crying after reflecting.. God bless who sang this song.. Eze no one like youuuuuu

  31. At first I was even using it tp joke because I don’t understand Igbo.. But one day I listened in another dimension and I was almost crying after reflecting.. God bless who sang this song.. Eze no one like youuuuuu

  32. You are truly a living God,i can’t stop listening to this song.


  34. This is a wonderful song that changed my life for good, God bless you sir

  35. Christopher Mary

    If you the admin ever get to see this, I really want to thank you for this website …
    God bless you….

    Keep it on

  36. A Very good soul healing song, Ekwueme very inspirational.

  37. nice song i must say..but the truth be told and understood her.what is given you the bumps or making you cry or tear yourself all around?to some its a great encounter while some is just emotional encounter powered by the power of rhythm..you will agree with me that as soon as some of these people who experience this musical feeling leave that atmosphere they go back to there life style.smiles. at the car pack they will even use strong words on there follow man on here way home.have you ever tried to listen to that voice or the wording without the instrument and find out if you will get the same percentage of emotional tears and ……my point,let the word be our ultimate purpose for our encounter not the rhythm. i will not deny the fact that i did not feel the way most of us felt when we first heard the song.bless you

  38. This song is really from the holy spirit.praise Jehovah

  39. This Ekueme is a wonderful inspirational song that has kept me going since I heard of the music. God Almighty who gave you this inspiration will surely give you more grace to accomplish his purpose on earth.

  40. David Christopher Magayaki

    this song gives inspiration to every race, tribe, nation and religion. 1st heard d song at an all night prayer. God is ur strength sir

  41. Always gives me goosebumps whenever I listen to it. Thank God for whom he is and praise be his name for his blessings upon you both.

  42. the song was a blessing to my life and friend and family also

  43. you are bless with this song

  44. This is extra ordinary I don’t know what to say may God continue to give u both songs to lift his kingdom high, thanks mr prospa and ma osinachi

  45. Dis is a very powerful song…nt only is it captivating bt also so touching whenever i listen i feel lyk am in spirit…
    God wil continue to use Mr Prospa & Mrs Osinachi to pass his glorious message across. God bless you two…. #EKWUEME

  46. The song really lift my soul and am always inspired listening to it.

  47. Wonderful song, gives me great joy and happiness
    , and always moves my spirit whenever i hear the song. Well done Sir/Ma , may God grant you two the power to compose more great songs in Jesus name

  48. I’m short of words!

    This song lifts my soul into another realm of peace whenever i listen to it… May God bless you for this masterpiece .. “tears of joy”

  49. God continue to inspire you. The song is soul touching. I shed tear everything I listen to d song. It is great

  50. This song is for me each time I listen to it am always in worship and in tears. I really love this song. May grace and inspiration from God for you to do explore.

  51. Wonderful song! God bless you more with great and mighty inspirations like this… Amen!

  52. Monday julius efe

    the song is great its can move mountain. keep it up…

  53. This is one song dat av loved and I kip on listening from it. it touches my soul and moves my spirit. I love dis song very much.God bless u and continue to use u more and more in Jesus name.

  54. thats a great song. i love it

  55. More grace sir, May the Spirit of God grant you access to deeper realms for more spiritual songs

  56. Ekwueme…what an awesome song.This song moves my Spirit.God is great.

  57. God bless you is all I can say

  58. I am not igbo but this is one song that really carries power….God bless u prosper

  59. the is very powerful and with the powers of God in it.anytime am playing I always moved by the spirit of the most high God

  60. This Song Carrie’s powers. I love it very well anything am hearing it I was always move by the Spirit of God.
    God bless you ma.

  61. I was in ABUJA when I 1st heard this song.. I don’t understand it neither do I know the meaning.. but the word.. “You are the living God oo, there is no one like you”.. It really do touches me.. even when I left ABUJA.. my minds will just be singing the song itself.. there is power in that song!!!.. God bless you sir!!

  62. Pastor Joseph Azubuike

    Each time i play this song, i always fill the present of God around me

  63. itz d-xclusive danny

    wow may GOD continue 2 use u to bless our lifes

  64. I was at home with younger brother when he start singing “ekueme” I fell in love with the song immediately and when online to download it. May God continue to use u for his glory.

  65. Thiz song gives me goose pimples….at anytime am playing it….

  66. What a great song,d first time I heard d song,b4 I know it tears all over my eyes..God is really great!!🙏

  67. ochimana prospa ojoki denyo e. I don’t even knw how to express hw the song is to my, but i knw it is all about the presence of God. More presence

  68. Samuel Amos Egbunu

    This song is highly spiritual i love it may God almighty continue to use you guys

  69. I find myself in tears each and every single time i listen to this song, proof that God’s presence is ever humbling, God is good.

  70. I so mush loved the song, even the heaven has recorded it.keep it up bless the lord

  71. How do I even start to express how I feel each time I listen to this song… God bless you guys the more for greater songs this 2018, This song is directly from Heaven

  72. Despite the fact that i don’t understand the Igbo,this song opened my eyes about the incredible nature of God. God Bless U the singers.

  73. I really can’t explain how I feel each time I listen to this song, you people really killed it. Amazing song that can make someone burst into tongues. More grace and inspiration to you.

  74. Raymond Orieji Samuel

    It has grace impactation I love the song, Gods grace to u.

  75. the first day i heard this song i was alseep , but the song calm my nerves and to be sincere it moved me, this is lovely keep it up

  76. There is a high spirit in this song,,, I always get goose spots all over whenever I listen to the music

  77. wow… the musical instrunments used for that worship was 4rm above, oh my God I pray u bless DAT brother and sister. thank you Jesus my soul was touched and lifted.

  78. nnaemena Jeremiah uchenna

    these song is one of my best song of the you so man keep it up make to sell Never go down

  79. This one entered my bone marrows completely. Heavenly song indeed @ Angelus

  80. I don’t know how to describe how I feel each time I play this song but I know nobody knows how he or she feel but that song is a transport to heaven

  81. i love the song

  82. Powerful

  83. even when I don’t understand the language I’m still feeling God’s presence in the song

  84. Awesome, I can’t hold back my tears. I appreciate you more Lord. Txn @ d singers, very inspirational

  85. Ekueme!!! I’m grateful oh lord

  86. Ruth Asiamah Queen

    Really love Ekwueme, it keeps me working more at office even in the realm, proud to be part of Igbo

    • I’m a Ghanaian, buh the first day I heard this song on the television I was rily touched so decided to download the song.God bless you Mr prosper

  87. ogbebor osakpamwan

    nice one

  88. The fist time i head the song i couldn’t shock and i couldn’t even remember where i am.What a great song
    GOD reachly bless you AMEN

  89. Powerful worship song. I was and am still moved when they sang it together at Unusual Praise 2017 at CCDM Lekki. “You are the Living God oh, Eze no one like You!”

  90. pls does anybody know that Mrs Osinachi Nwachukwu that sang with Prosper on this song

  91. it touches O!!! is great, keep it up sir

  92. This song is great

  93. This song is awesome.
    I felt like God is speaking directly to my soul whenever I listen to this song. Makes one appreciate the Omnipotence of God

  94. I luv God so much tru dis song

  95. am so inspired am inlove with this song chaiiii God is really doing something right now. keep it up dear

  96. Ossai philip ifeanyi

    Sir you really killed the track keep it up and may God bless you,

  97. Just hear dis song now, and it stole my hrt big time

  98. Am so bless with this song God bless you sir keep the good work hope 2hear more powerful songs

  99. The first time I heard this song…I knew something was wrong with me..I broke down like a baby….I can’t go a day without using this song during my quiet time….God bless you..

  100. I love this song -ekwueme.we always sing it in our church and when doing that it touches my soul

  101. Chris Oma of Africa

    Hmmm,am so blessed with this song full of glory.

  102. God bless you for this

  103. Tanks u so much for dis wonderful worship I was really inspired dey more I listen dey more I love God.

  104. This song teleported me to another realm, I worshipped God like I never did before, the song made me understand God’s goodness over my life. I can’t stop listening to it. God bless you

  105. Very inspirational. The gbedu making brain

  106. It’s spirit filled and captivating. Bravo

  107. I cant stop listen it,as God have done a lot to me

  108. Wow if earth is like this imagin heaven i must be there keep it up

  109. Awesome song of the spirit. God is raising his army. Keep it up man. Blessings.

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