5 Problems Only Prayers Won’t Solve in 2020


As the norm is, people are still licensed to wish each other a ‘Happy New Year’ till mid-February especially if you’ve not been in contact. It’s the beginning of another Decade and one of the significant year many across the world have been looking forward to is 2020.

If you’re a Nigerian, the tagline Vision 2020 won’t be strange to you. The new year promises a lot of good tidings and as usual many are filled with huge expectations and dreams for this year. I don’t expect anyone alive in 2020 to hope for a disastrous year, except maybe your ‘Enemies or Village People’ who don’t want you to be greater than them.

It has become the custom of many to have a lineup of prayer points they want God to answer each time a fresh year approaches. Guess what? I want to break your heart today, there are some problems in our lives that only prayers won’t solve in 2020. I can hear you whispering (who’s this one again), I don’t expect anyone to agree with me especially if you’re a prayer warrior in your place of worship, the fact that exists this day is – we must realize quickly that prayer without action is equal to noise.

Prayer – Action = Noise

God expects us to do the needful even after praying. To cut my long speech short, I have decided to share with you 5 common problems prayers alone won’t solve in 2020 and in the years to come.


One major problem that a large percentage of people face globally is the habit of procrastinating. There’s probably no human being on the face of the Earth that hasn’t encountered this problem. Guess what? Prayers won’t solve this issue alone, lots of people have taken it upon themselves to fast and pray without determining in their hearts that they want to put an end to this challenge. No matter how hard you pray, if you don’t implement the discipline needed to avoid procrastination then stop disturbing God for refusing to answer some of your prayers.


Do you fall under the category of those who are always stuck in the mindset of not been good enough for anything? Then prayers might not be enough to save you this year if you don’t forcefully upgrade your mentality. There’s a seed of greatness in everyone, don’t let self-pity and unnecessary comparison deny you of living to your full potentials. No matter how hard you pray, if you don’t develop a positive mindset that enables you to embrace challenges with the right attitude, your problem of Low Self Esteem will automatically continue.


I’m definitely going to step on your toes after you finish reading this article. Kai! Some people laziness is incomprehensible, you don’t expect God to answer a Lazy person. Even the Bible has a lot of scriptural examples to back up my claim. Laziness is a plague, no matter how fervent you pray to God for deliverance, if you refuse to breakout from the comfort of laziness, your countless prayer points will remain unanswered. Prayer can’t solve Laziness alone, your willingness to break out of this chain will trigger God to answer.


Probably you don’t know, an unhealthy way of living is a major challenge for many individuals across the globe. Praying to God to save you from some certain sickness will be a waste of time if you don’t confront the unwanted practice of drinking too much, smoking excessively, eating foods that are filled with salt, calories and junks, preferring to dodge regular exercises and routine check-up. If you intend to live long in 2020, don’t hinder God from answering that prayer point by refusing to adopt a healthy lifestyle that will help you achieve your goals for the year.


The rate at which people complained and murmured a lot about their situation in the past year was increasingly alarmingly!!! Excuse me sir/ma, you’re not the only person with problems, every country on the planet has its own issues. Hence, no matter how long you complain nothing will change if you don’t take strategic steps to turn your situation around. Many have prayed to God to solve them from complaining too much, but their hardened hearts and minds won’t let them come out of it because they’ve simply refused to take the next step.

Whether you accept or not, there are certain problems that prayers alone won’t be the required tool to solve. It’s high time we realize that we have the option and choice of activating or delaying the plan of God with the certain things we do.

Remember what the Holy Book says in Galatians “Do not be deceived, God can not be mocked whatever a man sows he will reap.”

Victor Emmanuel Onuh is my name, Bye for Now.

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  1. Wonderful piece my dear, I’ve always known you as a great writer, one with insight and in-depth knowledge
    Keep it up and may God give you more strength

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