#NigeriaAt61: Dead on Arrival?

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A majestic aura pervades our land. From the deserts of Kastina To the creeks of Bayelsa, From the mountain of Calabar To the sand dunes of Sokoto. The kiss of rivers Niger and Benue; and their harmonic drive to the sea, Our land revels in exquisite awe of nature.

Nigeria, the largest sea of black mortals; Men curried with Spartan flavour; Women carved like fine curves and edges.

Wired with priceless virtues, Nigerians are laced with “blitzful” intelligence that unravels the hidden treasures in the world’s fabrics. Our sweats solve the arduous of tasks, The promise of a glistering tomorrow drips with juicy feel.

We are strategically wired to propel Africa’s renaissance. When powered by synergistic mind we’ll build a lofty castle that towers to the galaxy.

Our sun rises with a dominant faun with a reach that spreads like the sky. The fingers of our light brings life to the dimming African shoulder. This beating drum resonates from Cairo to Cape coast. The rhythm exalts our horn with a gentle reverb.

The world awaits Nigeria like a husband awaits news of his child. Our future lay in the womb of today; a lion whose roar will fill the global air. Bringing down foes with strong paws and claws.

This baby! This lion so sadly is being attacked with implosions within the mother. Without help, it will be a stillbirth; Dead with innumerable dreams

Dead on arrival?

Article by Ogunsola Fisayo Ph D

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A Digital Marketer, Radio/TV Presenter and Staff-Writer for Gmusicplus.

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