Deitrick Haddon Stops Over to Help Man Dying of Drug Overdose

Deitrick Haddon

Grammy Nominated Gospel artist and Pastor Deitrick Haddon has taken to Instagram to share an inspiring video of him and others helping out an unresponsive man who passed out on the road.

This is Why God Sent Us To Detroit” reads the caption that accompanies the video of Haddon and others prayerfully helping to resuscitate a helpless man. The “He’s Able” singer who was primarily in Detroit on a mission to shoot two music videos and minister at a concert at the Triumphant Church led by Senior Pastor – Solomon W. Kinolch Jr, Haddon revealed how his journey to exit the city took a different dimension before encountering a moment that would change the life of a stranger forever.

Taking to Instagram to share his experience, Deitrick Haddon disclosed; “I thought I was in Detroit to shoot two music videos, do a concert for @triumphdetroit and see family and friends. None of those things could compare to this moment in time! ?”

“On my way to hug my mother and catch my flight to L.A I noticed the GPS was taking us on a route that didn’t make sense. ??‍♂️I’m from Detroit so I knew how to get to my mom’s house quicker but I decided to follow the long route the Waze was taking us for some reason” he continued.

“While riding we noticed a man that was in the middle of the street dying. He had a pulse but he was not breathing and the paramedics were not getting there fast enough to help him.  Apparently, he was dying of a drug overdose! My brother @pastorguyreeves and I jumped out of the car without hesitation and began praying the prayer of life in the name of Jesus over his unresponsive body!! I was hesitant to lay hands on him because of covid but the Holy Ghost gave me clearance to touch him,” Haddon revealed.

“The Holy Spirit told me to speak directly to his purpose and tell him to Live!! ? When the final word “LIVE” was spoken over him with authority he finally caught his breath!! when I seen him finally catch his breathe I knew he would be ok…I told him that God saved his life and he needed to give his life to Christ from that day forward!! ?The paramedics came right when we were done praying.”

“I’m not boasting and we take no credit whatsoever. Truth is this happened on Wednesday and I was very hesitant to share this because this was a real moment.I don’t know how @pastorguyreeves had the focus to even capture this. God gave me clearance to share this to increase someone’s faith. God is gonna strategically have you at the right place, at the right time to help someone live in The Name of JESUS CHRIST OF Nazareth! ? ” Deitrick concluded in a heartfelt message to remind believers of the reason we were called by God.


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