I Serve a “Very Big God” – Evans Ogboi on Groovy New Single

Evans Ogboi - A Very Big God

Evans Ogboi‘s newest single “Very Big God,” is a triumphant hymn dedicated to the boundless grace, magnificence, and strength inherent in the character of God. In the journey of life’s ups and downs, this song serves as a resounding declaration of our unwavering faith in His perpetual presence, guidance, and protection.

With masterful lyricism, Evans Ogboi eloquently portrays the unshakeable faith of believers while crafting a melody that resonates with the soul’s deep yearning for God’s companionship. The song’s resolute message of trust and reliance on the Almighty profoundly connects with listeners, making it a significant addition to the Gospel music landscape.

Available today on all digital platforms, “Very Big God” is produced by Evans Ogboi himself under Simplicity Records, UK. Staying true to his distinctive musical style, Evans artfully merges traditional African rhythms with contemporary Gospel harmonies, resulting in a composition that not only elevates the spirit but also encourages individuals to seek refuge in the enduring love and presence of God.

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