Faith Bracelets: Kierra Sheard Brings New Addition To Eleven60

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“Faith Brace” is the  newest addition to “Eleven60,” the clothing line of Singer-Songwriter and fashion designer Kierra Sheard. Designed by Sheard, the bracelets have different charms with bible verses and word declarations.
“Faith Brace Declaration: Be Strong and Courageous

Very often when things don’t go our way.  We may get afraid or begin doubting. However, I’ll hold tight to this, as a reminder of God being with me. I will find the courage, that’s already inside of me. Strength is inside of me. This was predestined. I will push forward! I can! I will! It’s done!”Myeleven60

In June 2015, Sheard released the Fall/Winter collection of Eleven60, which honors her inspiration, her mother, Karen Clark Sheard. Eleven60 is named for the month and year that Clark Sheard was born.

Sheard has personally designed classic and refreshing looks for the professional curvy woman that is chic, bold and eclectic. She has crisscrossed the globe and absorbed the fashion trends of New York City, London, Paris, Tokyo and Seoul.

Earlier this year, “Eleven60” hit Macy’s, New York.

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