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 mma mma ehh
Great and Mighty God
Oh oh ohLord You reign
For ever You’re the same
Agama turu gimma mma
You lifted me
Then gave me a song
Agama turu gimma mmaMmamma eh
Okoro bia din ma
Mma mma eh
Chio onye jem onu
Mma mma eh
So so ibu chimo
Ayi na turu gimma mma.Odia na bam we
Naru ekele
Odia na bam we
Naru ekeleOnye di nso
Nso nso
Agama turu gimma mma
Onye dike
ike ni nne
Agama turu gimma mmaMma mma eh
Okoro bia din ma
Mma mma eh
Chio onye jem onu
Mma mma eh
Naru ekele
Naru otito
So so gibu chimo.
Ayi na turu gimma mma.Lion of the tribe of Judah mma mma eh
I am that I am mma mma eh
There is no one like You
There is no one like You
mma mma ehhOkoro bia din ma mma mma eh
Chio onye jem onu mma mma eh
Naru ekele
Naru otito
So so ibu chimo

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  1. Oop’s lol that hit so inspire am truly humbled continue the work u ar doin it will take u to the next level

  2. Am in love with this song it really blessed my spirit ……….. Thnks for interpreting it. (Zambia)

  3. Bless broo…God still dey win for your matter…greater heights and many more mind blowing blessings shall God keep sending your way in Jesus name.

  4. This song revives my mind and soul every day. I love the song, it’s extremely touching, inspirational and devotional. keep it up frank

  5. Wow! I love this song I feel the presence of God anytime I sing it frm my heart even though I dnt know the meaning in English.

  6. wooooooooow, I love this so
    thank you so much for the lyrics
    love you greatly
    greetings from SA

    I just don't seem to find it on iTunes, may you kindly help me
    thank you once again

  7. I love you Frank, the way you aglipe songs. It's awesome. You're so wonderful, your lyrics are my inspiration. Keep the fire burning!

  8. Spiritually uplifting song..thanx frank fo ya songs..l like them all…can sumbody post wedding day lyrics

  9. Nice one frank edward. Its a good praise God aLawys. Am still in search of flying on eagles wings, pls where can i get it. Please.

  10. Pls House: any one with "Stay connected" by Jackie M. I need the Rap lyrics. Just the ending Rap lyrics part of the song. Kindly post it today if u have it. Thanks

  11. The same God dat frank Edward whorship….will continue to take Him higher n higher…IJN..this song ,is a song of comfort n hope..God bless U.

  12. I will worship the Almighty God for and with this song yearss to come! I love it. Thanks for posting and translating the lyrics. God will continue to use you mightily.

  13. So inspiring… Pls guy I heard dis song & I learnt its titled Mma Mma Remix. The lyrics starts with -" U alone deserve my Praise & worship"… Anyone in d house knows where I can get/download d song online?

  14. Mma mma eh – Praise praise
    Great and mighty God
    Oh oh oh.

    Lord you reign
    For Ever your the same
    Agam aturu gi mma mma – I will praise you
    mma mma eh

    Okorobia di mma – A handsome prince
    mma mma eh
    Chi onyem ji eme onu – The God in whom i boast
    mma mma eh
    Nara ekele – Receive glory
    Nara otuto – Receive praise
    So so gi bu chi mu o – You are my only God
    Anyi na aturu gi mma mma – We are praising u.
    (Mma mma!!! Ehh O! Till fade)

    Onye di nso – The holy one
    Nso nso – Holy holy
    Agam aturu gi mma mma – I will praise you
    Onye ji ike – The Custodian of power
    Ike nile – Of all powers
    Agam aturu gi mma mma
    Mma mma eh

    (Bridge again)

    Lion Of The Tribe Of Judah
    Eh! Mma mma. Eh.
    I Am That I Am.
    Onye dika gi – Who is like into Thee
    There is none like you (2x)
    Mma mma ehh.

    Repeat bridge

    Idighi agbawe agbawe – You never change
    Chukwu dike ehh.

  15. Pls in God name can someone help me on how to download the song I have been searching for it since morning pls I want to listen to the song before I go to bed

  16. I shed tears listening to dis song as if im wt God and culdnt withsatnd His majesty remembering im a sinner yet He showers me wt love. Chi onye m ji eme onu daalu. Frank ur blessed.

  17. Its an awesome piece… This song was my Favourite song during my Post Jamb exams and back then,it was as if there was no question i couldn't handle because the song says …..chi onye m ji eme onu… Meaning The God in whom i BOAST… Edwards…… You make music beautiful

  18. Ever inspiring song, can anybody get the lyrics translated for me in English please. i mean the ones written in another language. Thanks

  19. uhm, guys, i am from south african, love Frank richboi edwards, so i came across this song ya'll talking about, can someone translate it for me, i'd like to get blessed like u guys…

  20. Awesome! Mindblowing! Soul lifting! Rhema! Thank you Frank Edwards for being an instrument in the hand of God. God bless You more and more.

  21. hi guys how u all holding up i wz walking along the road today a lil downcasted and heard dis song and pursed it struck the depth of my heart i felt like breaking down and cry tnanks for this wonderfull piss absolutely amayzing.i had search for it online and trust me i had no idea the meaning of the song

  22. Well even though am not igbo by tribe but this song seems to penetrate my bones and rise my spirit and it even makes me to cry bcos of GOD'S love 4 my life thank GOD 4 the life of FRANK EDWARD.

  23. Please what is the title of this track? I have searched tirelessly on iTunes but can;t find it. I even bought a CD but couldn’t find the track on the entire CD. Please help me as I love this song and need to purchase it fast…

  24. THIS CAN SERVE AS A CORRECT LYRICS FOR "MMA MMA" (pls note that there was no insertion of new lines rather the correct words of the supposed IGBO were inserted. tnx – GLORIA)


    Mma Mma Ehh
    Great And Mighty God!!
    Oh Oh Oh

    VERSE 1:
    Lord You Reign
    For Ever You’re The Same
    Agam Aturu Gi Mma Mma
    You Lifted Me
    Then Gave Me A Song
    Agam Aturu Gi Mma Mma
    Mma Mma Eh

    Okorobia Di Mma
    Mma Mma Eh
    Chi Onye M Ji Eme Onu
    Mma Mma Eh
    So So Gi Bu Chi Muo!
    Anyi Na Turu Gi Mma Mma!
    (Mma Mma!!! Eeh o! Till fade)

    VERSE 2:
    Onye Di Nso!
    Nso Nso
    Agama Turu Gi Mma Mma
    Onye Ji Ike!
    Ike Nile
    Agama Turu Gi Mma Mma
    Mma Mma Eh

    Okorobia Di Mma! Mma Mma Eh
    Chi Onye M Ji Eme Onu!
    Mma Mma Eh
    Nara Ekele
    Nara Otito
    So So Gi Bu Chi Muo
    Anyi Na Turu Gi Mma Mma!
    (Mma! Mma!…..)
    Lion Of The Tribe Of Judah! Eh! Mma Mma Eh
    I Am That I Am! Mma Mma Eh
    Onye Dika Gi?
    There Is None Like You!
    There Is None Like You!
    Mma Mma Ehh

    Idighi Agbawe Agbawe!
    Chukwu Dii Ike eeh!
    Nara Ekele Eeh!
    Chukwu Dii Ike

    Tnk u!

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