GMP Exclusive: Bolanle Talks Debut Single “Gbo Ohun Mi,” More

Gmusicplus caught up with Bolanle for an Exclusive Interview as she talks background, debut single, inspiration, and more.

Bolanle Adejugbe is a singer-songwriter whose style of music imbibes the use of storytelling among other African artistic concepts to drive thought-provoking and life-changing messages. She recently released her debut “GBO OHUN MI ( Hear my voice)” which fuses elements of soul and jazz, for a heartfelt song of prayer to God. (Listen/Download)

Gmusicplus: Hi Bolanle! Could you briefly introduce yourself to our readers and tell us a bit about your musical background?

Bolanle: My name is Bolanle Adejugbe, I am an art enthusiast and a lawyer by profession. I am a singer, songwriter, and lover of God.

I grew up exposed to music from the family front, school, and church. I started singing at age 6 in the school choir. I attended an Anglican based primary school – Mate Nursery and Primary School, Ketu, Lagos, where I learnt classical music which was the foundation that shapened my sense and love for music.

My passion for music waxed stronger as I grew through teenage hood till adulthood. I also joined various musical groups during those years.


Gmusicplus: Congratulations on the release of your debut single “Gbo Ohun Mi”. How do you feel finally releasing your first record?

Bolanle: I feel so fulfilled and elated. I am so encouraged to do more.

Gmusicplus: Could you share with us the inspiration behind the song and what it means to you?

Bolanle: I wrote the song for some friends who are filmmakers, but something came up eventually so I had to record the song because it was such a beautiful piece.

Gmusicplus: What has been the reaction to the single so far?

Bolanle: The response has been overwhelming so far. People love the originality, uniqueness, and depth of the song.

Gmusicplus: Who or what inspires your sound and lyrics?

Bolanle: The Holy Spirit. Also, I’m very sensitive to my environment; just anything ranging from colors, images, birds singing, sounds, day to day dealings with people, etc. can inspire me. No idea is stupid to me.

Gmusicplus: What do you want listeners to take away from an experience with your music?

Bolanle: I Want people to review their lives and lifestyle after listening to my music and make adjustments where necessary. Basically, draw nearer to God.


Gmusicplus: We recently learned you are a wife and mother of two kids, a dance instructor, and a lawyer… How do you juggle all these successfully coupled with been an artiste?

Bolanle: The keyword is BALANCE, I am learning to prioritize and delegate where necessary. God and family comes first for me.

Gmusicplus: With all the recent changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, How have you been able to adapt to this ‘new normal’? also, what’s your encouragement to people during these times.

Bolanle: This season has been a season of self-evaluation and personal development for me. I would like to encourage people to see beyond the negativity of this season and discover the new opportunities, possibilities, and leverage on them.

Gmusicplus: What’s NEXT for Bolanle? Any plans for your next single, music video, concert, or project soon?

Bolanle: I have plans to release the video of the song “Gbo Ohun mi” and subsequently other songs in the future.

Gmusicplus: Let’s have some fun before you go 🙂

Piano or Organ? Piano
Heels or Sneakers? Heels
Wig of Fixing? Wig
Jollof or Fried? Jollof
iOs or Android? Andriod
Vintage vs Modern? Modern

Gmusicplus: Any parting words?

Bolanle: Believe in your unique self, you are perfect for your purpose.

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