GMP Exclusive: Natalis Talks “Good Fridays” Album, Inspiration, More

Gmusicplus Exclusive with Natalis(1)

– Natalis is a Multi-platinum selling, 2x’s Grammy Nominated singer-songwriter straight out of the Bronx, NY. Her growing pains mainly took place in La Isla Del Encanto (Puerto Rico) with her grandparents, and on the Lower East Side with her mother and father. Her connection with music strengthened when she lost both her maternal grandparents and her father, who were all musicians.

Natalis’ angelic voice has appeared as background vocals on J. Cole’s platinum-selling album Born Sinner (Roc Nation) and Kanye West’s Yeezus  (Def Jam) and singing lead on the anthem of computer-animated TV series,  Bratz  “Rock Angelz” (Hip-O Universal).

Gmusicplus recently caught up with Natalis for an Exclusive Interview as she discusses “Good Fridays,” her newly-released gospel project in collaboration with Mr Foster and Davis Chris, the inspiration ad more. (Listen here).

Gmusicplus (SON): Congratulations on the release of “Good Fridays,” Can you share when you first had the inspiration to record this project and why gospel?

Natalis: I was scouted online by a songwriter named Natasha Rivera who asked me to be her muse for a song she wrote called “Praise You” produced by Chris Adams. I realized while recording that song, that there was something special there…a feeling I’d never felt while making music. I prayed to God and said “If it is in your will for me to use my gifts to glorify your name, show me the way. Present me with an open door and I will not say no!” Two weeks after that prayer, Mr Foster called me and said DFD Music was working on a gospel album and wanted to know if I was interested in collaborating. I heard God loud and clear and said YES!

Gmusicplus: How would you describe your experience working with “Davis Chris and Mr Foster” on this project?

Natalis: Shane Foster and Davis Chris are very serious about what they do. They are very diverse musicians with huge ideas and are not afraid to go after it!! I love that about them.

Natalis(2)GMP: Was there any track challenging to make on “Good Fridays”?

Natalis: Not at all. I recruited some high-level producers who brought that HEAT needed to get in writers mode!

GMP: What impact do you want the project to have on Listeners?

Natalis: When embarking on this project, my goal was to make music that was relatable to youth and that felt just as good as any other song in Billboard’s Top 100. I asked all my producers to submit records that were Top 100/radio-friendly. It is my wish that listeners feel joy praising God and get inspired to continue on their journey of developing their own personal relationship with Him.

GMP: For all our readers who haven’t heard your music before, how would you describe your sound?

Natalis: There is a range of vibes on this project with something for everyone. It is hard to sum it up into one category. The album has a combination of afro-Latino, hip hop, r&b, and pop sounds. Some to get you pumped, others to chill to and some serious topics to reflect on as well.

GMP: Aside from music, what other things do you get active in?

Natalis: I have tunnel vision right now and my only focus is music all day every day.

GMP: Describe Natalis at age 18 :)?

Natalis: At the age of 18, I was fluent in engineering my own vocal sessions and was developing my sound as an artist, writing songs while going to college.

GMP: Do you see yourself creating more gospel-inspired records in the future?

Natalis: Currently, I’m in talks with Natasha Rivera who is working on a full contemporary gospel project. I’ll most likely collaborate with her on that. I made a promise to God that as long as he presents me with an open door, I will not say no. I’m definitely looking to make more gospel-inspired music if it is in his divine will for me.

Thank you for your time.

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