GMP Exclusive: Stacy Egbo Talks Upcoming Album, Inspiration, More

Stacy Egbo Interview with Gmusicplus

A prolific singer-songwriter and worshiper, Minister Stacy Egbo is well known for her excellence and consistency in the Gospel music industry. She wears many hats among which are a missionary, philanthropist, Nurse, motivational speaker, Conference organizer, Influencer, mentor, and mother, amongst other outstanding roles.

Speaking to Gmusicplus, Stacy Egbo talks new single with Michael Stuckey, her upcoming new album “A New Thing” recorded in Ghana, and more.

GMP: Can you tell us a bit about your background?

Stacy Egob: My name is Stacy Egbo. I am a pastor, a nurse, a mother, a grandmother, and a worship leader. I love God so much and my desire is to serve Him and His people.

GMP: For readers who might have not heard your music before, how would you describe your sound?

Stacy Egob: It’s a sound of worship, praise, and love. It’s uplifting, motivational, and inspiring.

GMP: Musically who inspires you and has this changed over time?

Stacy Egob: Cece Winans, because of her heart of worship and staying faithful even in the public eye. It has not changed.

GMP: Congratulations on the successful release of “The Lord is So Good”. what was it like working with Michael Stuckey on the new single?

Stacy Egob: Mike is so funny and filled with the joy of the Holy Ghost. It was so exciting working with him.

GMP: Earlier in February, you announced the release of your forthcoming new album. What’s the inspiration behind the new project and what should fans/listeners expect?

Stacy Egob: I did a live recording in Ghana. The songs are packed with the anointing of God. I want people to be expectant.

GMP: You have four (4) successful albums released to your credit. How does your ‘A New Thing’ stand out from your previous projects?

This one was birth out of a difficult place. After 7 years of not recording and going through trials, God said to me I’m doing A New Thing!

GMP: 3 Random things people don’t know about Stacy Egbo?

Stacy Egbo: I love playing drums and percussion. I want to do a hip-hop song (lol). I love cooking but I don’t do it often.

GMP: If we’re going to buy you a drink, what should it be?

Stacy Egbo: Cranberry juice

GMP: Thank you for your time, any parting words?

Stacy Egbo: Stay faithful to God. It may seem as if things are not working but it is working. God is good.

– Download/Stream her latest single “The Lord is So Good” Here:

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