GMP Exclusive: The Clark Sisters Talk “The Return,” Biopic, More


The Clark Sisters are a legendary gospel music group, comprised of sisters Jacky Clark Chisholm, Elbernita “Twinkie” Clark, Dorinda Clark Cole, and Karen Clark Sheard. Born and raised in Detroit, MI., they are the daughters of renowned gospel musician and choral director, the late Dr. Mattie Moss Clark, and have been singing together since 1966.

The Clark Sisters have received numerous notable awards and honors collectively, including 3 Grammy Awards, 15 Stellar Awards, and one NAACP Image Award nomination. They have produced 17 albums to date — including their most recent release: The Return. The leading single, “Victory” was #1 on Gospel Billboard for two weeks in a row in June 2020 and is the second number one song for the legendary group!

Get into our Exclusive Interview with the Legendary Clark Sisters as they discuss their newest album project “THE RETURN,”  and more.

Gmusicplus (SON): What led to the long hiatus? and during the time, was there any attempt to return to the music scene as a group?

Jacky Clark Chisholm:  In our eyes, we were never on a hiatus. We’ve been on the road for the last 40  years, and the only time that was taken off was to record a cd. So there was never a time that we weren’t singing or doing concerts somewhere.

Gmusicplus: How would you say “The Return” album stands out in your discography?

Dorinda Clark Cole: The year 2020 marks a time in our lives that we will never forget. This album, The  Return, will always be special because it declares to our fans and well-wishers, that in this time of a pandemic, we speak “Victory” over their lives, families, and finances.

She Adds: We can’t go by what we see because God has a way of bringing change in situations. God’s love helps us to get through these challenging times. This lets us know there is a hope out of the situations that we’re in if we can just believe there is a God.


Gmusicplus: What do you want listeners to take away from an experience with the new project?

Dorinda Clark Cole: What we’ve learned in this project is that there are many generations of people experiencing who The Clark Sisters are — which is overwhelming for us. We never knew that our music, or even the movie, would have captivated all ages.

We want them to feel inspired to continue living life on purpose. Out of the purpose, they can understand who God is individually with the confidence knowing that good favor comes from above.

Gmusicplus: “His Love,” the 4th track on the album features Snoop Dogg. Why Snoop? and What was it like working with him (again)?

Karen Clark Sheard: When we were creating the song, we felt Snoop Dogg was the perfect choice to match the hip hop sound of this particular track. We love his creativity! Lyrically, it was also great to hear him testifying about how God’s love has kept him.

Gmusicplus: What gave rise to the television biopic, The Clark Sisters: First Ladies of Gospel?

Karen Clark Sheard: The inspiration behind The Clark Sisters: First Ladies of Gospel was the journey of our upbringing. This includes our mother, Dr Mattie Moss Clark, surviving the trials in the church, as a mother and a pastor’s wife, making sure her legacy was carried out through her girls, The Clark Sisters.

Gmusicplus: Could you share with us The Clark Sisters synergy: How you create music?

Twinkie Clark: We create music by inspiration from God. This helps us to create a message that reaches the people where they are.

Gmusicplus: Legendary, The Clark Sisters have remarkable longevity in the industry. What’s that one advice you would give to music groups today?

Twinkie Clark: The key to longevity in this business is to remain faithful to God, take care of your body and your voice, and stay prayerful.

Gmusicplus: A fun-fact about The Clark Sisters?

Jacky Clark Chisholm:  A fun fact about The Clark Sisters is that we really like being close to each other. We have our most fun when we are together as a group.


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