How Christian Celebrities are Affecting the Audience

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There’s a lot of confusion in this day and age. With access to the internet so wide and the exchange of ideas so rapid, a lot of us in the Christian community feel a bit caught up in the information whirlwind. Vanity and egocentrism reflect in our media and celebrity worship are at an all-time high. But in these trying times, it’s good to see more and more celebrities who worship. They’re coming out of the woodwork and openly telling the world about the Good Word that they follow. It may not be apparent now. News and feeds have a way of making it all seem a bit dimmer. But there are celebrities out there that are using their faith the way faith was intended: to inspire others to follow in the light of The Lord. Here’s how they’re doing it.

Celebrity Pastors Making It Personal

Pastors have gotten a bad rap in the media time and time again. There’s the notion that the older, more authority-centric figures are the same as today. While some of it may be true, a lot of our pastors are savvier with public relations. Openness and trust in God have always been our tenants of faith. Our new and very public pastors know better than to cast the first stone. They inspire people to have their relationship with The Lord based on The Book. The best have even offered personalized bibles to anchor in a true sense of ownership and faith. In our practice, we do not discriminate. We love one another as equals and children under God. The acceptance and personalization of that very real and powerful idea are how our pastors today are bringing in new hearts and open minds.

Leading Openly Faithful Lives

There are PR measures that one has to go through and engage with, sure. But all in all, the biggest openly Christian names in entertainment do their best to be good people. Carrie Underwood, with the flashing lights and all the pressure in the world, still does her best to be as grounded as possible. Chris Pratt has openly defended his congregation against an unfounded narrative—the same ones that graze our feed, eliciting our outrage. Values define who an individual is. Those values are rooted in The Word. They’re the most basic tenants of being a decent human being. We see this humility and realness in our openly Christian celebrities.

Turning a New Leaf

There’s a certain decorum and attitude one has when they accept The Lord in their life. There’s less frill, more self-improvement, and reflection. There’s less excess. There’s less self-aggrandizement. We see that not only are there well known Christian celebrities but also those who have recently accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Take Justin Bieber for example. He was troubled and kept the news flowing with negative press. But he got married, got baptized in the faith, and hasn’t had a bad thing float about him since. He’s a dedicated husband, has an extensive philanthropy repertoire, and spends a lot of his time making art and skateboarding.

Openly Christian celebrities are all around us. Sometimes it’s hard to find the positivity in our strange world, but they’re out there setting good examples. They’re giving back. They’re promoting our savior. They’re being decent people. That’s how you affect an audience.

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