#MondayMotivation: Quitting is Not an Option

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Hey friend, I know you’re currently busy while trying to read this piece. But before you hurriedly move on to the next line of action for the day, don’t forget why you were created by God.

The supreme being didn’t create you to quit in the middle of a crisis. He has given us the ability to tread upon serpent and scorpions, a reliable password in the name of “Jesus” where every knee must bow, not excluding challenges, difficulties, stagnancy, frustration, limitation, and mediocrity, they are knees in their own forms and they must bow to you!

This is why you must not think of quitting! It makes no point backing off now, Jesus didn’t give up when faced with the adversity of being crucified, Abraham was faithful to the end knowing the emotional trauma attached with sacrificing his much-anticipated son, Job was urged to curse God and die but never gave in… Hence, you’re not supposed to break the positive cycle of victors, champions, and genius.


You can’t quit now! For various and diverse reasons, quitting should never be an option for you; dig deeper, stick in there, don’t loose focus, take a break, relax your mind, calm your nerves and try again.

That contract will come, that wife/husband material will accept you for you are, that lucrative job is close, your admission status in your favorite university is assured, the finance you need to start will be provided soon, Don’t think of Quitting!

Your partner in the journey of life.

Victor Emmanuel Onuh

Talk to you soon ✍🏾

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Prince O.
Prince O.
1 month ago

I’m uplifted from depression
I won’t quit

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