#MondayMotivation: While waiting….

While waiting
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Happy Monday y’all. It’s another brand new work week with the urban and metropolitan areas in a high buzz and fuzz. The Rat Race begins again! And then the weekend and then another one and so the monotonous cycle goes. The cosmopolitan traffic is an endless phenomenon. Queues as long as the equator is not only on the streets but in banks, and other corporate complexes.

The pain of having to wait your turn is seething. For some reason, I’m on one of such waiting lines but I ain’t gonna let nothing take my joy!

This reminds me of a line I love in the Mavericks City song, “Wait on You”. It wasn’t a line per se but it seemed like an inspired ad-lib. The guy said something like; “It’s not about just waiting. It’s about what you do when you’re waiting”.

That one really got me thinking. Waiting ain’t a passive activity at all. It’s an active one. So if y’all can just let me be your preacher for this one moment, my sermon to you will be that you should keep on doing what you gotta do while waiting for what you wanna have. Simple enough isn’t it.

You could read that PDF on your new iPhone 13. You could listen to that inspirational podcast, or some audiobooks you have put off for a long while now. You can read that journal or catch up with new information in your field or just listen to some good music. We sure got several playlists and top songs here for you.

But come to think of it, I feel kinda like a privileged one even though I’m not “there” yet. Though I’m not chilling a Bugatti Voitre Noire right now but a comfy Air-conditioned Uber Ride puts me in a far better condition than most people on the road right now. I mean… I even had some money to get some snacks and a soda while in the traffic. And for that I’m grateful to God. If I could call that a “Little Miracle” then I guess I have a million more of such…I’m sure you know where I’m going if you’re a church pip like me. “Little Miracles” by Maverick City has been such a huge blessing to me. Whenever I listen to that song, I often put it on repeat till it’s played for several times.

Can you think about or perhaps deliberately recount your many blessings despite any adverse situations you might be going through? In Nigeria where I live now, the value of the Naira has been plummeting like a Boulder down the bottomless pit. This has got most people in despair and fear has been spreading like wildfire. If I may but suggest an antidote to all of this, I would say again that we could just acknowledge that it’s really “nothing short of a miracle we’re here” like a line of the “Little Miracles” goes. I mean we all got some blessings that we don’t deserve. To that, I say doxologies!

I’m sure you’re perhaps wondering by now why I’m all about Maverick City…but man! Their latest albums, “Old Church Basement” and “Jubilee: the Juneteenth edition” have somehow kept me sane in the midst of a lot of craziness going on.

God’s really done Miracles on me considering how I am regardless of it all. I could just go on singing just one line over and over along with Kanye West that “He’s done Miracles on me!”

I guess today, this week is for acknowledging and being grateful for all the Miracles we experience.
Kanye West only just released the visuals for his track, “24” from his buzzing “Donda” album and while I streamed it, I got teary just listening to that line while I reflected.

If you’re reading this line, that means you accepted my offer of being your preacher for today so imma just end this sermon with an altar call for all those who wanna stay conscious of the Little Miracles he’s done on them. Will all the grateful people please stand up?!!! Cheers and have a splendid week…

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