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Sensational Gospel singer, Eben make his 2016 debut with a new worship piece titled ‘Jesus At The Center’..

Talking about the release of the song, the blw star took to his instagram page to share this ; “BREAKING NEWS!:After ministering this song to hundreds of thousands in South Africa and Ghana, and Pastor Chris’ Global Communion Service, I got calls, text messages, pings, website mails, social media requests, and even stopped at public places with everyone asking when it can be released. Produced by A4, It’s HERE NOW..



At the center of it all
It’s you that I see (2x).. .

There is power in your name
Miracles happen in your name

As we lift our voice in praise
It’s you that I see (2x)..

You are bigger
bigger than d biggest
You are stronger
stronger than the strongest

You are higher
higher than the highest
You are greater
Greater than the greatest

Jesus (8x)..

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  1. EBEN…….God bless you richly, that with this song u already rated amongst World Best is not debatable but that you hv won & continue 2 win more souls 4 Christ is a statement of fact! Presently @ the park traveling & upon hearing the song I’m so fulfilled & know for a fact that by God’s grace my journey is already Blessed! Remain on TOP Bro EBEN

  2. This song reminds me to put Jesus at the centre of all that I love for this song is so deeeep..
    God bless you Eben for such a detailed song..

  3. wow! great song its always lift my spirit whenever going through some troubulations, mr Eben keep up the good work

  4. At the centre of it all…

    Amidst my storms, it is only but JESUS I see. The king of the universe, our high priest, maker of the heavens and earth, yet unmade… You are my life!

    Glory hallelujah
    Eben, keep on the good work

  5. …..this song has been in my spirit the whole evening of yesterday and this morning and causing this Joy unexplainable. Its an indication something is about to happen. God bless u my fellow heaven’s citizen Eben and to u the blogger God bless the works of ur hands.

  6. sincerely if i start singing this song i feel like jesus shuld come down. it a song of inspiration. God bless u.

  7. Whenever i listen to dat track am always in another realm, and infact all yr songz are spirit filled.yr fans 4ever..

  8. At the center of it all, it you that i see. This song make me holy, anytime my mind goes to it, there was a lot of ministration inside it….. Eben i pray that the hand of the lord will continue to shine on you, much love

  9. Its quite touching and inspiring,use it during my devotions,u did a great work Eben.God bless u.

  10. Wow, each time i hear this song, i just feel like jumping out through the window, to listen to this song. Thanks EBEN

  11. wow this song its so touching.may God bless you.for the first time i heard about it in church and i make it sure ihave it.

  12. This song is so uniqe it’s makes my spirit always connect to heaven when ever i race the song when praying so it do many things in my life and i pray for you for that sufficience grace Amen.

  13. OK… I love this song so so much…. There’s so much sporit filled in this song…. EBEN ride on

  14. I love this song AT THE CENTER the first day i heard this song my tears just came out i felt the spirits of God in my room i was connected to the holly spirits from that day i told myself that i will save him day and night … KEEP ON MAKING MORE SONG INDEED YOUR A MAN OF GOD

  15. I pray for more grace in your life, keep it up we will sing together in heaven. May God Almighty increase your wisdom and strengthing you more and more.

  16. Wow what a powerful Anointing upon you! i like it ! i Love it! i enjoy it! i feel it. my brother may the Lord of Peace be with you always. GOD Bless you.

    There is power in your name
    Miracles happen in your name

  17. Powerful song…just too powerful for me to handle…..Thank you Eben…God surely bless you with more songs.

  18. Hi good night Eben I am Kavita all the way from Trinidad this is the first time I am hearing of u just trying to download some gospel music and u pop up so in saying all I hope this song is the fire I need to start my day we sing a different version in church but I read some of the the other comments of my fellow brothers and sisters so thank u for way ur song is about to touch my life bye

  19. when u minister at the great aba miracle crusade,ur song:Jesus at the centre of it all,there was provocked healings and miracles.God bless u richly.amen

  20. Eben with the voice of angels , inspired by the Holy spirit to worship n help us to worship the Almighty God in a dynamic way… God bless u bro

  21. I heard this Ministration by Dominion Praise in my Church today and I was so blessed.
    God bless you Minister of God.
    It’s an amazing Song.

  22. This song is a spirit-filled one. It ministers to my spirit so greatly. God give you more grace to write more inspirational songs as revealed to you by God. Cheers.

  23. you have been a blessing to me even much more than the worshipers bcos you give me free access to these spirit-lifting songs. i pray for you that your seed sown is mightily blessed and the Lord increase your fruit of Righteousness.

  24. I just want u to no that God use u to bless me. And God will surely bless u. And I thank my sis and every one who really no what it means to be in the present of God through Eben’s song…..thank GOD for GOD. One love brother.

  25. God grant you more grace. We re practicing this song right now @ a choir rehearsal. Presenting it in church morrow for our thanksgiving service. Guess how many more souls will be blessed abut 5200. Wow, u re blessing

  26. Wooooo! Wow, Halleluyah, Glory to Jesus Christ. It’s really Holy Ghost Filled Song. A Song of/with power (JESUS at the center of it all)!!! Eben more increase in annointing and God’s power. Thank for being an instrument of blessing! Thank you Eben, thank you, thank you!


  27. Beloved Eben, u are simply the best of bests. Global Communion Service u are there, night of bliss u lighted up my spirit getting set for all that God has in stock for me. i love u sir

  28. You’re an amazing minister of the gospel. Your songs are obviously from the throne of heaven….with divine lyrics that lift my spirit so high. Miracles take place upon hearing this song. I fell in love with it the first day I heard it.

    I love you. God bless you richly.

  29. Eben may God richly bless you for this song. I love it and I sing it even in my dream.
    You are a true image of the living God

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