Paul-Emmanuel Ossom: Gospel Artist to watch

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In the ever-evolving landscape of music, emerging artists play a crucial role in reshaping the
industry and Paul-Emmanuel Ossom is one such name on the rise, poised to make an impactful
mark on the gospel music scene.

Paul-Emmanuel is a Nigerian-born artist and producer who has been in mainstream music since
2020. His distinctive approach to music sets him apart as an artist to watch. With an eclectic
fusion of genres and a talent for blending diverse musical influences, his artistry showcases a
unique and refreshing sound. The creativity and excellence in his work present a promising
prospect for the future of the gospel music industry.

One of the standout elements in Paul-Emmanuel’s music is his ability to craft emotionally
resonant compositions. His music often reflects his personal journey, struggles, and triumphs,
creating a relatable and heartfelt connection to his listeners. Whether through his songwriting,
melodic delivery, or the depth of his compositions, there’s an undeniable authenticity that
connects with audiences profoundly. His lyrics are often thought-provoking, exploring themes of
love, identity, faith, joy, and hope, making his music not just a form of entertainment but also a
medium for reflection and inspiration. For example, the lyrics in one of his songs, Complete, “I know your plans are the best for me, but sometimes it gets hard to see, so I trust in the things that you’ve done before” inspires hope in God regardless of one’s challenging circumstance.

Musically, Paul-Emmanuel’s arrangements and production demonstrate a good understanding
of timeless sounds. His sound is a melodic blend of catchy hooks, smooth flows, and
rhythmically engaging beats. Collaborations with other gospel artists showcase his willingness
to explore new styles and push the boundaries of conventional genres, which speaks to his
versatility and adaptability. For instance, his latest EP, “The Boat”, is a collaboration with other
artists and a blend of genres such as Amapiano, RnB, Afro-pop, and highlife (also known as
‘palm wine’ music in Nigeria).

Paul-Emmanuel made his debut in mainstream music in 2020 with his release of an Afro-gospel
song, “Sun Up” and has continued to release other songs such as Thank God, Complete,
Nothing, Melody, and Power. He is an active artist on Spotify with over 8,000 monthly listeners at an average. One of his top songs, “True Love”, has gained over 200,000 streams on Spotify and has been added to over 3000 playlists including editorial playlists like ‘Afro Gospel’ and ‘Praise and Worship’, with other celebrated gospel artists such as CalledOut Music, Limoblaze, etc. He also recently released a collaboration with KellarThrilz and Prinx Emmanuel, Nigeria’s “Brother Nwachukwu”.

While the industry landscape is competitive and constantly evolving, Paul-Emmanuel Ossom’s
artistic development is marked by a sense of promise and potential. His dedication to his
craft and the sincerity evident in his music suggest an artist who is assured of making a notable
impact in the music industry.

Listen to Paul-Emmanuel’s music and connect with him here.

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