Quineta Michael Drops New Single – “Throne of God”


Gospel music minister and songwriter Quineta Michael, delivers an awe-inspiring single titled “Throne of God.”

“Throne of God” is more than just a song; it’s a heartfelt cry of worship. Quineta draws inspiration from Christ’s call for His Bride to worship God in Spirit and truth, emphasizing the importance of knowing God deeply to truly worship Him.

According to Quineta, “As citizens of Zion, we have the privilege to approach the throne of God boldly, experiencing His majestic presence firsthand.”

She continues, “This single serves as a reminder to all believers that the throne of God is not merely a concept but a sacred space where we encounter the Divine presence of the King of Kings. Just as John did in the book of Revelation 4, we are called to behold His splendor and experience transformation in His presence.”

“In His presence,” she adds, “we receive the empowerment to establish His Kingdom on earth, bringing His light into our homes, communities, cities, and nations.”

Quineta skillfully conveys the profound truth that abiding in Christ is made possible only through the indwelling Spirit of God.

“Throne of God” is now available for streaming and download on all major digital platforms. – STREAM HERE

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