THIS IS US (Gmusicplus Review)

Talk about Energy, Poise, Depth, Appeal, and of course, delivery, then we could, without doubt, refer you to KobbySalm, one of Ghana’s finest Christian Hip Hop acts. His new EP “THIS IS US” hits well with an amazing collection of six (6) sizzling hot songs with great collaborations.

So let’s take ‘em one after another, slice ‘em open, and get out all we could from each juicy track. It’s Jesus pieces all the way, mind you! Smiles.


“Kronkron” comes with Spirit-words and Soul-vibes that get you thinking about how undeserving and yet unrelenting God’s Love for you is. How on earth KobbySalm was able to blend the elements of lyrical prowess with the highly electrifying instrumental is a wonder! A song for Abba indeed it is as he declares, “…above you my Daddy, there’s no other…” “Kronkron” might just be your favorite when you listen and hear how deep and scriptural the content is and yet so dance-ready due to its bouncy and steady, mid-tempo rhythm.


“Uncommon” was best placed as the next track to build up the energy which is already produced from “Kronkron”. KobbySalm sings about the kind of Love God shows him.

The piano lines, coupled with the 808s made the trap song “Uncommon” indeed as Nuel Triumph, Esaias, collaborated with KobbySalm to spit their hardest bars on the Rap imprint.


“Aseda” follows on the list. KobbySalm drops this one as his Trap Praise Anthem for all to vibe to. Man! This track just adds to the devil’s pain, scriptures properly served hot on Gospel plates by Rap-Chefs whose expertise is to serve dope verses to the God and master of the Universe. Even if you can’t hear all of the vernacular due to the local dialect rapped, you would at least hear the 1 Peter 2:9. That’s a clue right there!


This is yet another praise Joint by KobbySalm featuring Sam Oladotun and Overflow, giving the song that pure breed Yoruba feel. The song expertly contains several genres like reggae, pop, dancehall, and trap all in one to make it a serve-yourself Rap buffet for all who are hungry for the KobbySalm musical cuisine.

“Suicidal” and “Joy” Remix crowned the taste of the “THIS IS US” EP with color and Grace. KobbySalm brings the tracks down to earth especially with the “Joy” Remix causing even the most unwilling to at least tap their feet to the rhythm.

KobbySalm keeps thrilling…

And it’s no wonder we had several prodigies like Neqtar, Nuel Triumph, Esaias, PO Godson, JoeKay, Belac360, Sam Oludotun, Overflow Inc, Jacquelyn Oforiwaa, Nii Soul, Kobby Tresh, Dave Da Musicbox, MOGm on the hits, hence the heat according to word on the street…had to try some KobbySalmic rhymes if at all…winks.

If I may but ask, which of the tracks would be your favorite? Let me leave you to decide while you listen through once and again. And again.

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