What is Gospel Music? Indigenous singer Sola Allyson Asks

Sola Allyson

Inspirational and indigenous songstress, Sola Allyson took to social media to share a lengthy post on Gospel music.

What is Gospel Music?, The ‘Eji Owuro’ singer asks, as she shared her concerns with a couple rhetorical questions on current trends, performances/ministrations and more.

She wrote; “What is gospel music?
Is it about how much noise we make when we sing?
Is it about making people dance and shout? Would that not be JUST entertainment? And I’m not saying entertainment is wrong o, we need it to “ginger” us?. But are we not focusing more on that nowadays in church services and other faith-based events?

And as a “gospel” musician, have you not lost your own calling by doing what seems popular and acceptable nowadays? So would you call yourself a gospel singer or a popular (pop) singer? Why are you against Wizkid and Davido and Olamide and saying they’re worldly? Guys who are more sincere and straightforward than you “saved” ones are? At least they let us know where they stand! I love their sincerities!

After each of your performances (ministrations), do you think of what “gospel” was in it for your audience? Or you’re just satisfied because the hall was upside down as people shouted, danced and “swagged”? And you choose to see it as “God was present”?! Because of smoke effect? You’re afraid to be true to that gentle nudge inside because you won’t be popular?

What is gospel? What is gospel music? Who is a Gospeller?
Do we reach the hearts of people at all with our music? Is it not that we’re assaulting their souls and making them confused? With the rise in the number of us that want to be called “gospel musician”, what is the result we get in contributing to TRUE salvation which is the main reason for the GOSPEL?

What would Christ do? Is it not looking like the situation in the temple where he angrily beat people, and drove them out, leaders inclusive? What is gospel music gan? And who is a gospel musician?
May we all be open to true Help.”

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One of her fans reacted to the posted differently as He asks “I love her music very well nd I av most of her music pls can u mention d title of her music dat mention Jesus

Sola replied “Hmm… Really? No wonder why only music that mentions “Jesus” is gospel! I wish us all help! Are we still thinking like this? Where is the place of The Holy Spirit beyond our physical ears and popular lines? Well, we’re all learners sha, and we shall be helped the more to know the truth. Yes, I am a singer sent to the world, everyone, not Church people only. Christ came for everyone, remember? Do we still read the Bible to understand or just to know how to attack others? Think about it more deeply, beyond the banters of social media. Cheers!”

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