GMP Exclusive: Bruce Baker Talks Music, Surviving Drug Addiction, More


Gmusicplus caught up with Bruce Baker for an Exclusive Interview. Having spent most of his life working for renowned working artists and surviving the danger of hard drugs, the International recording artiste, songwriter, and producer takes us through a journey of his life, career and latest single “I Am Your Healer”.

Gmusicplus: Hi Bruce, a pleasure to meet with you. Who is Bruce Baker and How did music start for you?

Bruce: My music started with my grandmother, me singing in the church choir and from there it just progressed. I am a contemporary gospel rock artist; very energetic, transparent and soft-hearted. I am a man who still believes Holiness is right.

Gmusicplus: For the readers who haven’t heard your music before, how would you describe your sound?

Bruce: My sound is very retro with a twist of mellowness along with a hint of Christian neo-soul and rock. My music is a smorgasbord of everything but without the secular aspect of music. What that simply means is that my musical sound is heavenly and strictly from the oracles of God.

Gmusicplus: Who are your greatest musical influences?

Bruce: A Rock band called Skillet (Fav track: Rebirthing), Pastor Elijah Oyelade, Churchboy Samsong, Paul Wilbur, Switchfoot (favorite track: Dare You To Move), News Boys, Since October, Chris Tomblin, Michael W Smith, Mercy Me, David Crowder, Toby Mac, Jeremy Camp, and the list goes.

Gmusicplus: In recent publications, we learned about your struggle with drug addictions. What lead you into hard drugs and how were you able to overcome the addictions?

Bruce: What led me to hard drugs is isolation as a child, lost identity, generational curses, peer pressure and being disobedient to my parents. That is what led me to start drugs in the first place and make excuses to go deeper and deeper into them.

I overcame my addictions by being obedient to the Holy Spirit point blank period. By not associating myself with people, places and things that the Holy Spirit told me to separate from. Also, what helped me stay clean for 10 years and counting with no relapses is reading the word daily to keep my mind transformed and stable, laboring in prayer to keep my relationship with God in-tuned and always living a life in total surrendering and submissions to the Holy Spirit.

Gmusicplus: Since turning a new leaf, how challenging has it been deciding to be a devoted Christian and a Gospel musician?

Bruce: It hasn’t been challenging at all because I live my life in total submission and surrender to the Holy Spirit. I am saved, sanctified and filled with the Holy Spirit so it isn’t hard for me.

I do notice that there is an irony in it all, meaning there is always an adversary trying to buffer me with delusions of thinking that the grass is greener on the secular side of music, that if I compromise my relationship with God I will have more fans and fame.

The devil always will try to make my career and relationship with God difficult but he is a liar and he is already defeated.

Gmusicplus: “I Am Your Healer” is your latest single, Could you shed more light on what inspired the song and the impact you want it to have on people?

Bruce: I was inspired by my parents that were both diagnosed with cancer and were healed by the Power of God. So for me, this was the biggest inspiration.

1. It hit close to home
2. Cancer is a leviathan monstrous sickness that is spreading all over the world. But, if you have faith in the ultimate healer which is in Christ Jesus, he can heal you and the world as He did my parents.

He gives us hope in our faith, endurance to keep fighting and to know that no matter what, there is nothing He cannot heal. Depression, Suicidal thoughts, loss of a loved one and the list go on. GOD CAN HEAL IT ALL.

Gmusicplus: What other songs have you released before now and how can they be accessed?

Bruce: I have been a ghostwriter for American Gospel and Contemporary artiste like Paul Wilbur and Sidewalk Prophets just to name a couple. Just recently I have been released by the HolyBible spirit to come to the forefront to do “I Am Your Healer”. So now the world knows me as a Christian Artist too and not just a composer or producer.

Gmusicplus: If not music, what career path would you have chosen?

Bruce: As I have previously stated, I simply live my life in total surrendering and submission to God so if I didn’t have music as a career it would have been the choice of what the Holy Spirit wants me to do. But, If I had to choose I would still remain as a pastor but also I would be Pro Bass Fisherman.

Gmusicplus: Speaking on been stylish, What inspired your latest “Hair” looks?

Bruce: The Holy Spirit revealed everything about my hair to me during intercessory prayer. He wanted me to take my hair as a style and intertwine it so it sticks straight in the air pointing towards Heaven. Also, it reminds me that no matter how down I am if I keep my head up and my faith in Jesus Christ I will receive the victory.

Gmusicplus: What’s your advice for those who have passed through rough patches like you?

Bruce: 1. To give their life to the Lord in total surrendering and submission.
2. Find a church that preaches the unadulterated word of God.
3. Separate yourself from people, places and things that can cause you to go back on God.
4. Get accountability, be patient and wait on God to mature you in Him.

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