GMP Exclusive Interview: Tonia Shodunke Talks New Single “ATOBIJU”


Right off the heels of her new single “ATOBIJU“, East-Africa based songstress Tonia Shodunke discussed the song, future projects and more in an exclusive inspiring and fun interview with SON of Gmusicplus.

Tonia Shodunke is a sensational gospel recording artist, singer-songwriter, music minister and humanitarian. Inspired, driven and motivated with an unquenchable passion for the Lord and His children [with the less privileged/disabled in view], the pharmacist by profession with a heart for service to God and humanity is set, bound on a mission to spread love, joy, peace and healing through her music ministry across Africa and the world beyond.

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Gmusicplus: Happy Birthday Once Again Tonia Shodunke and Thank you for doing this interview.

Tonia Shodunke: Thank you so much for the birthday wishes, I truly appreciate. The pleasure is all mine, Thanks for having me.

Gmusicplus: For the readers who haven’t heard your music before, how would you describe your sound ?

Tonia Shodunke: Hahaha.. In one word i will say my sound is DIVINE!

I’m a very passionate person and that is evident in my music. I am a gospel and inspirational singer who presents God to the world.

Gmusicplus: You recently released a new single “Atobiju” featuring Mike Abdul, can you tell us more about the song?

Tonia Shodunke: Well the song “Atobiju” featuring Mike Abdul is a new single I am very passionate about. It’s my own very song of praise and it helps me get my praise back on.

I tell everyone who cares to listen that we all need that one song that quickly shatters through the glass walls of every ‘hard day’ so to speak and liberates us to experience the joy only God can give.

Gmusicplus: Where did the inspiration for the song come from ?

Tonia - AtobijuTonia Shodunke: Well, I shared this part during the release of the song. It first of all came from my 8-year old daughter who was 7 then. She simply walked up to me saying she just got a new song she wants to share with me. That day we had a very happy time singing it round the whole house ?#Crazymemories

I got round to developing the other parts and chose to work on it with my dear brother Mike Abdul who I fondly call the “Joy Carrier” because of the flavour of joy and deep seated excitement he brings to every song he’s involved in.

Gmusicplus: What was it like working with him ‘Mike Abdul’ on the track ?

Tonia Shodunke: JOY in every sense of the word. He carries a distinct grace and it’s awesome to see it every now and then in all he does. I bless God for that.

We actually didn’t record at the same time. I was back in East Africa then but it was a good as I was there in the studio every step of the way as communication was well in place. Pictures, recordings, voice notes and all.

Gmusicplus: What has the reaction to the song been like so far?

Tonia Shodunke: One thing is always distinctly clear in every song for as many that realize it, Whatsoever we have in mind while birthing a song invariably acts out once the song is birthed. It’s a spiritual principle. The same JOY is evident in all the report I’ve received so far.

From far and wide, everyone testifies about the deep sense of joy inspite of surrounding circumstances. To me that’s a big deal and I return all glory to God!

Gmusicplus: Any plans for shooting a video for the single ?

Tonia Shodunke: Oh Yes there is and very soon too. By God’s grace.

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Gmusicplus: A bit of fun – What would be your perfect holiday scenario?

Tonia Shodunke: Lol…. now you’re about to push me towards day dreaming ?

My perfect holiday scenario is with family of course, far away in an island with plenty greenery, wide bolar hat in place, sun shades, Chapman in hand, by the beach and plenty of fresh air around. This us the creation of my Father, lemme enjoy biko?

Gmusicplus: What would you not travel without ?

Tonia Shodunke: Smiles…. well, that will be my phone. It’s one gadget with which I can reach the world in split seconds. If the goal is to inspire and impact, then the channel should be in place.

Gmusicplus: What’s your fav dish ?

Tonia Shodunke: Smiles…. nothing too complex, just fried rice and chicken prepared the best way I love it.

Gmusicplus: Thank you for spending some time with us. Is there anything else we should be excited for soon aside the ‘Atobiju’ video?

Tonia Shodunke: Well, by God’s grace I’m planning to have a live concert with friends to be a blessing to the world

Gmusicplus: Any parting word ?

Tonia Shodunke: I believe we are all loaded with purpose which makes us relevant in life and the district value it takes to be a blessing to all around us. So no matter the battles, no matter the situation, no matter the pains, do all you can to awaken the giant within and never give up on your dreams.

I love and appreciate everyone out there who supports my music and my brand as a whole. God bless you all richly.

Listen & Download the “ATOBIJU” Single HERE

Connect with Tonia on social media via @ToniaShodunke

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