GMP Exclusive: Kenny Lewis Talks New Album “Undefeated,” More.


Kenny Lewis is a dynamic-voiced gospel singer, songwriter, arranger, and founder/leader of the Stellar Award-nominated gospel group Kenny Lewis & One Voice. He released his first national project in 2000 entitled “The Bridge” on Marxan/Malaco Records which featured the smash hit “Yes”.

In 2017, Kenny released the album “Refocus,” which was another great success for him on Billboard Top Gospel Albums and Top Gospel Sales charts. “Refocus” generated over 1.5 million audio and video streams, truly exemplifying his level of influence within the gospel music industry.

Gmusicplus recently caught up with the Stellar Award nominee for an inspiring interview as he discusses his upcoming new album, “Undefeated,” what listeners should expect, and more.

Gmusicplus (SON): How are you given everything that has happened so far in 2020?

Kenny Lewis: Thank you for having me! I am still blessed “in spite” of everything that’s going on. Continuing to stay prayerful, positive, and realizing that my situation could be worse, but God has been faithful.

GMP: Could you tell us a bit about your new album “Undefeated,” when it’s coming and what fans should expect?

Kenny Lewis: The new album, Undefeated, I consider to be a music buffet because there is something for everyone. I wanted to step out of the box on this one, and prayerfully reach souls that I may never see or touch, but the music can encourage and inspire people from all walks of life. The album will be dropping Friday, November 20th.

GMP: Any guest feature? If yes, could you share some of them with us?

Kenny Lewis: Yes, there are and I can absolutely share. There will be Charles Jenkins, Tiffany Andrews (from BET’s Sunday’s Best), Michael Lampkin (Season 5 of BET’s Sunday’s Best) Gerald Moore, and Kymar Garner.

GMP: You recently released the title-track “Undefeated”, Tell us a little more about the timely song?

Kenny Lewis Cd Cover
Undefeated CD Cover

Kenny Lewis: So many times people of faith can encourage everyone else until we have to face real-life issues ourselves. And we can sometimes have amnesia and forget how powerful God really is and now we’re all in the same predicament where the common denominator, Covid-19, has affected all of our lives. My purpose of this song is to remind people that God is still undefeated and He hasn’t abandoned us, so continue to have faith that he’s going to see us through this.

GMP: For all our readers who haven’t heard your music before, how would you describe your sound?

Kenny Lewis: Kenny Lewis & One Voice sound is a contemporary choir styling with vocal melisma.

GMP: Amidst global uncertainty, what message do you want listeners to take away from an experience with your music?

Kenny Lewis: I would like them to hear the music and understand losing is NOT an option and we have no other choice but to trust in Him.

GMP: Musically who inspires you and has this changed over time?

Kenny Lewis: Andre Crouch, Thomas Whitfield, and The Hawkins have inspired me throughout my life.

GMP: Aside music, what other things do you get active in?

Kenny Lewis: I love working out, mentoring the youth, and traveling.

GMP: What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?

Kenny Lewis: Recently, I hosted an Instagram Live the day before Election Day to encourage people to vote and I had guests like Jason Clayborn, Jonathan Nelson, and Ricky Dillard join my Live. The funniest moments happened with Ricky Dillard and just the entire conversation with my guests was fun, but most importantly powerful.

GMP: In three words, Describe Kenny Lewis at age 17 :)?

Kenny Lewis:  Ambitious, humble, and immature lol.

GMP: Thank you for your time. Any parting words? Anything else you would love to share with us and our readers?

Kenny Lewis: I hope our upcoming album “Undefeated” will encourage, inspire, and motivate you to LIVE in spite of any negative thing that may be occurring in your life right now! I’m a witness that it will indeed get better.


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