Sinach leads the charge with Gospel Heritage

Gospel Heritage

Gospel Heritage is a brilliant new project from Platoon, celebrating Gospel Heritage Month this  September. The project aims to tell the story of Gospel music through different lenses from across Africa, the  UK, and Jamaica. Each artist provides their own unique sound and style, culminating in a diverse retelling of the Gospel Music story.

The playlist comprises of 11 Artists and 11 Tracks, with Gospel Sub-genres like R&B and Soul, Afro-gospel, Alt-pop, Dance, Reggae, and  Country Gospel. It features brand new music from Sinach, Tim Godfrey, Chevelle Franklyn, Bishop  John Francis, Becca Folkes, Sarah Teibo, Volney Morgan, Lurine Cato, Juanita Francis,  Sharyn, and Isaiah Raymond.

Global gospel superstar Sinach leads the charge with her single “Winning”, a heartfelt song of declaration which affirms the infallibility of God’s Word.

The Waymaker singer says, “this song is the believer’s victory cry when faced with  challenges and it comes from a place of absolute trust in God’s Word.” 

On Gospel Heritage, she says, “The most exciting thing for me, about being part of the  Gospel Heritage, is having a legacy that is about impacting the lives of people all over the world, by bringing to them, the Gospel in music, which in turn gives them hope, healing,  joy, and encouragement. “ 

Winning by Sinach is available on all streaming platforms:

Tim Godfrey offers up “Evidence”, a mid-tempo song that can serve both as a testimony for what God has already done and as a prophetic declaration to receive what God has promised to do. The song came from a place of faith and thanksgiving.

On Gospel Heritage, Tim says, “I was truly excited to be a part of this project, with all of the  super artists from different parts of the world. My team and I prayerfully searched for  which song would work perfectly for this project. “ 

“The special part about this song is that it’s like a love letter to my wife. I remember  singing it to her the day I wrote it, and I told her that she is the evidence of God’s  promises in my life.” 

Evidence by Tim Godfrey is available on all streaming platforms:

Bishop John Francis of Ruach City Church makes a comeback to music after a 30-year hiatus from the music industry.

“Working on this project was completely unexpected. I have been fully focused on my church as a pastor and preacher, so it was a surprise when I was asked to submit a song.  “ – Bishop John Francis 

“It’s been great recording in the studio again It’s truly inspirational and does just what we  expect gospel music to do – Lift the soul!” – Bishop John Francis 

His single “Death Can’t Hold Me Down” is an upbeat, song about how God conquered death and the grave at the cross of calvary, meaning that no matter what you’re going through in life,  nothing can hold you down.

Death Can’t Hold Me Down by Bishop John Francis is available on all streaming platforms:

Gospel Reggae makes a double feature with Chevelle Franklyn’s “Testify” and Isaiah  Raymond’s Thank You Lord

Chevelle says, “Testify expresses Faith in God while waiting for the miracle. God is a God of timing, just when you think it’s over, He will turn it in your favour. That testimony you’ve been waiting for you will see it.

Testify by Chevelle Franklyn is available on all streaming platforms:

Isaiah Raymond says, “Thank You Lord is an uplifting, warm song of praise expressing  gratitude to God for all that He’s done and will do.” The song is a combination of Gospel,  Reggae, Worship and a Church vibe!

Thank You Lord by Isaiah Raymond is available on all streaming platforms:

Sharyn offers “When Love Comes”, a soul and R&B fusion, about Jesus being the embodiment of love. It is a reminder that everything we have been hoping and waiting for, comes into our lives through Him.

When Love Comes by Sharyn is available on all streaming platforms:

Afrobeats meets soul with Sarah Téibo’s single – “Never Leave Me”. Infused with lushly layered harmonies and an uplifting gospel message, a reminder that even when life throws curveballs that overwhelm and isolate us, we’re never alone. God is with us and He’ll work it all out for our good.

Never Leave Me by Sarah Téibo is available on all streaming platforms:

Lurine Cato gets us moving to “Lamb of God”. This banger is bringing back the big voice in  Gospel House music!

“The song is about recognizing who Jesus is in our lives in spite of the negative thoughts  we sometimes think about ourselves.” – Lurine Cato 

Lamb of God by Lurine Cato is available on all streaming platforms:

Becca Folkes brings the world of Alt-pop, Gospel, and Black history together with “Legacy”.

She says, “it’s a song of revelation; despite what makes us an ‘other’, Christ helps us strike  the beautiful balance between owning our heritage and identity in Him.” 

Legacy by Becca Folkes is available on all streaming platforms:

Juanita Francis does Gospel with a Country twist on “You Are With Me”, an up-tempo song about how God is with you in every situation you face.

“The song came out of a tough season I went through. I realized no matter what I was  facing God was with me through my friends and family’s presence in my life.” 

You Are With Me by Juanita Francis is available on all streaming platforms:

Volney Morgan & New-Ye takes us to church with “I Still Believe”, an open declaration of never giving up, despite what our current situation may look like.

I Still Believe by Volney Morgan & New-Ye is available on all streaming platforms:

Gospel Heritage is Available now on all streaming platforms.
Playlist available on Apple Music
Playlist available on Spotify

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